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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A great time at the W. Springfield Show

This week I worked at the DeNami booth at the Heirloom Production Stamp Show in W. Springfield, MA.  Saturday was wildly crazy while Sunday was much slower.  We didn't remember to take pictures during the day.  The top photo is my friend Heather with Nami, Bryant, and Evan.  Heather joined me on the trip and ended up working most of the day because we were so busy.  As a true scrapper, she remembered to take a pic with the family on the sales floor.

We didn't remember to take a picture of Heather, Joey and I together, nor did I remember to take a picture with the family while the booth was still up.  But I got one quick pic of us together after we broke down the booth.  The whole booth has been redesigned and makes it much easier to set up and break down.  Gary really thought it through.  I was amazed at how fast we were done.  We were the first booth done.  

I love all the new stamps.  We sold out of most of the new cling chick stamps:  arm chair chick, computer chick, cupcake chick, and coffee cup chick. I personally bought the fishing chick because my family likes to fish.  

I'm planning on joining the family in August for the Hamburg, NY show.  Can't wait.  I want more of these new stamps plus the ribbon is a great deal at the show.  See you all then.

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