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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tim Holtz-Heart and Soul

In May, I had the chance to take four fabulous courses with the fabulous Tim Holtz.  Tim is known for vintage art work and he has created many, many, many products.  And I have many, many, many of his products.

Calling to get into these classes was like calling for a rock concert.  In fact, Tim is a rock star in the crafting world.  I was able to register for two of the four classes and they were the two I wanted the least.  I was confident I would learn good techniques in any class with him and I was correct and I'm glad I took the class.

This pull of sorts is made with a paper mache heart and put into one of his configuration boxes.  The industrial look of the metal paper includes faux rivets, faux metal stitching and lots of other textural techniques.  In this picture, I've lost some of the pictures in the viewmaster slide but I've found most and reglued them in place.  Mario, Tim's assistant, will forever know me as the person with the broken wheel. One of these wheels fell off four times.  We superglued it, hot glued it, and replaced the wheel.  Finally, Tiffany fixed it be replacing the screw.

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