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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tim Holtz Charmed Possessions

I literally was joking about this class before I went that there was no way I'd be wearing a necklace of broken dolls and game pieces and that it looked like some kind of African tribal necklace, but again, I knew I'd learn a lot about working with the products and techniques.  This is the other class I was able to register for when I finally got through.

I haven't changed my mind about wearing this necklace and when my friend Sue wears hers I tell her that she's jingling like Bessie the cow.  But I did love working on the project and will forever have it hanging in my studio.  Again, thanks to Mario for all the preparation work.

Here's my version with some close ups.  This was a lot of work but we received a whole bag of goodies to select from and everyone's project turned out unique.

I loved the patina effect we obtained with snow cap alcohol ink blended with other alcohol ink colors.  I also loved the metal drill.  I've seen it before but wasn't sure how, or why, I'd use it.

The pocket watch is supposed to be the centerpiece of the necklace and it was fun to create.

I ended up with three autographs from Tim.  One on this apron he sells which has no advertising for anything but Ranger products so I can wear it teaching anywhere.

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