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Monday, July 12, 2010

Stamper Heaven

I've been a rubber stamp addict for about 18 years. Over the years I've stored my stamps in many ways: pizza boxes, shoe boxes, photo frame trays. But when our local stamp store closed the retail shop, I was lucky enough to purchase fixtures from the store.

These photos were posted on Facebook but now that I have the blog, I interact with crafters and artists that don't have access to my Facebook page so I'm sharing them here as well.

These photos were taken as soon as had the room set up and lots of things have changed. At that point everything wasn't in the room and I've had to make adjustments to get the rest of the stuff in there. I imagine that I'll always reorganized some part as my needs change. I'm going to give in and take the closet for art supplies rather than seasonal clothes. It's feeling a little too closed in.

I love seeing all the stamps when I'm creating a project. It's especially wonderful when doing a card challenge or working on altered art. I can just stand in the middle of the room and look around for inspiration.


  1. WOWSA! Can I come to your house and play? woohoo! Fantastic! xxoo

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  3. Annette,
    I have never seen so many stamps in one area!!! I guess you are an should start a lending stamprary; you know, like a library but with stamps....;-)and what a great space, I bet it's hard leaving it to go to work....

  4. It is a happy place. I've actually got a couple of boxes I'm going to sell at some point. When I look at some of the other spaces people post, it sometimes seems crowded. But I absolutely love seeing almost all of them when I'm searching for an idea. When I first finished the room I kept telling my boss that my stamps wanted me home :)